Photo of Austin photoshopped into a spacesuit

*Disclaimer: Not real cosmonaut..

I am a software developer formed from a mixture of business and design backgrounds. I began my career as a graphic designer for a skateboarding company. After a few years of designing for said company, I decided to take a shot at making my own label. I built the company from the ground up by handling every aspect of the business from design, to manufacturing, sales and YOU GUESSED IT, site management and development. To save on money and maintain quality control, I built a custom printing facility and taught myself how to print with quality. Through this experience, I learned how much fun it is to create something out of nothing. The feeling of seeing someone use your product (wear your shirt) is unbelievable.. I made it to a point where I was proclaimed the "future of the streetwear industry" by Bobby Hundreds of the Hundreds and featured in the fashion documentary Built to Fail, but by this point, I found my true passion. I found that I loved to learn and build things. Nothing is more empowering than creating something that didn't exist before you gave it life and that creation having a useful purpose. Nothing is more powerful and more capable of improving lives than software, and its a blast to build! If you have an idea or project you need help with, feel free to reach out!

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